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Kay Maree McCullock ND
Advisory Committee Member

Kay has been an Advisory Committee member for the Close Encounters Conference for the last two years.  She now continues on the Committee for Illuminate.


Also known as 'CosmicShaman' (Shaman-Druid Initiated Name), Kay is a professionally trained, qualified and registered Naturopath, VegaTest Practitioner and Wholistic Healer; Scientific Accredited Researcher of I.T.E.M. & Environmental-Energy Medicine; Alchemist, Cosmic and Celtic Shaman, Druidess, Mentor; 4th Generational Contactee and Milab Experiencer; Professionally Trained Investigator & Researcher. Conference Speaker and Workshop Facilitator; Published Columnist / Editor and Blogger; Featured in Media Interviews and Documentaries.

She is the founder and proprietor of Consciousness Development & Research Group (Australia)©; CSETI Australia©; Sacred Earth Practices© and CosmicShaman Blog©.

Since the late 1990s, Kay has worked with CSETI (USA) Dr Steven M Greer for many years and is a Coordinator for CSETI Australia CE-5 Working Group© and an Ambassador to the Universe (CSETI Advanced Research).

Kay facilitates workshops on Consciousness, Cosmic, Metaphysical and Sacredness, like:

* 'ET Contact & Cosmic Awareness©'

* ‘Experiential - Sacred Earth Practices and Reconnection with Cosmic Families: The Connection between ET Contact, Nature and Sacred Earth Ceremony©'

* 'Spiritual Sovereignty: Reclaiming Your Authentic Self with Shamanic-Alchemy and Soul Retrieval©'

* 'Taboo Topics Series of Workshops©' (often combined in with the above workshop).

* 'Herbalism: More Than Herbs. An Exploration of Herbalism in its Many Forms and Processes©'

* 'Sacred Traditions: Cosmic & Celtic Shamanism, Alchemy, Druidry and Magic©'

* 'Para-phenomenology©'

* 'How to Be A: Investigative Researcher - 101©'

* 'Natural and Wholistic Health - 101©'

Silvana Camilleri
Lead MC and Advisor

Silvana is one of Coffs Harbour's most well-known celebrants.  Now her third year as our lead MC, Silvana has been an essential part of the organising committee with her local knowledge, skills as an MC and her contribution towards the region's spiritual community.

As Silvana looks back on her vocational path it becomes clear that she was destined to work closely with people at the most vulnerable times of their lives. Her early experiences as a young woman in the employment and training Industry brought her into close contact with the most marginalised members of the inner city of Sydney community.

The result was the opening of her heart to compassionate interactions with people from all walks of life as she set about assisting to bring a measure of peace and harmony to their lives in her capacity of a life skills mentor and trainer and in subsequent years as complex community care manager.

Her life path led her in recent years to the role of Marriage celebrant then the compassionate support of families in her role as a Funeral Celebrant on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

Public speaking skills became of major interest hence six of her seven years with Coffs Harbour Toastmasters at an Executive Level.  Her role as a Master of Ceremonies includes the EXPOZART cultural festival on the Mid North Coast and The Housing Industry Annual Design Awards.  

Silvana's role as Master of Ceremonies at two Close Encounters Conference and now at illuminate is her way of supporting and holding space for speakers and delegates alike.

As a truthseeker for the past 24 years, Silvana has keenly researched all aspects of how we humans can reach their highest potential plus all things metaphysical. In between her Celebrancy engagements, Silvana is in the process of writing her book “Life Lessons from the Coalface of Humanity” and administers a community Facebook page Compelling Presentations and The Facebook group Holistic Community Mid North Coast, Australia.