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Activate Your Unique Soul Signature

Termina's powerful presentation will discuss how to bring forward awareness that You! Are the Master Locksmith. You hold the keys to unlock creation and the ability to enable creation to flourish. You, the soul encoder, have the shortcut commands that gains access to all areas of consciousness, and the codes of all life forms, matter and frequency.  >> Read more 


Journey to the World of Lost Souls 

Sue will help you to explore their domain. How does one become a lost soul and what is the reality they live in? Venture into their timeline and find out what it feels like being trapped between worlds, a soul without a physical body. How do they manifest as apparitions? Can a lost soul can enmesh with your energies and is it possible for >> Read more


Finding your Soul's Purpose

Imagine having clarity about who you truly are, what the purpose of your life is, the real meaning behind why you exist, why you are so uniquely you and what your beautiful soul has to offer this planet. Robyn shares a message channelled from cosmic intelligence that prepares you for the rapid transformation of evolutionary consciousness >> Read more


Organic Consciousness in an AI World

How can human consciousness evolve and co-exist within the surge and expansion of AI? Caroline will offer practical tools to identify the truthful information behind what is emerging in technology, communic-ation and education. What is your own consciousness and the purpose of your current existence on Earth? >> Read more


The Magick of Shambhallah

Shambhallah teaches us how to live a magical life ... the life you want...  as a divine being.  Known as Camelot of the East, it has been home to fabled kings, gods and immortals and the key to a golden future. Shambhallah is the place that existed before the last great cataclysm and still exists today with its 20,000 year history.  It sent the seeds of science, ethics and magick to the world  >> Read more


Sacred Signs:  Messages of Love 

Kerrie will give you tools to identify and interpret sacred signs of love and connection from those in the spiritual realms.  Often surprising, humorous or mysterious, these signs always connect with our secret thoughts private connections and sacred memories.  She will take you beyond our world, past the fear and grief of death, and help you connect with your departed loved   >> Read more


The Consciousness of Crop Circles

Dr Drew will give an overview of the most important crop circles from 2018, as well as the crop circle that already indicates awareness of the movie Arrival 2 due out in 2021.  Dr Drew will share inside knowledge of the reasons why social media are now blocking all information about the existence of crop circles and the consciousness that is embedded within these messages  >> Read more


Real Life Close Encounters

Every six minutes a UFO is seen by someone around the world.  Many of these are captured on video. Some are seen by many people and are indisputably not of this planet.  Famous footage, such as The Phoenix Lights are well known, but other case studies are equally as exceptional.  These encounters with ET consciousness leave the witnesses changed   >> Read more


The Deepest Truth of Existence

Your soul purpose is invariably connected with the purpose of others. All are connected within the planetary body that is One. Therefore, what you have chosen to do, learn, or be within your embodied expression, affects all others and is affected by all others. This interactive field of relatedness does not necessarily happen at a conscious level, but on an energetic level  >> Read more


Spiritual Sovereignty: Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

Spiritual Sovereignty rectifies and neutralises many taboo topics and allows you to reclaim your authentic self to be a ‘whole-soul’ again.  Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Personal Timeline Wellbeing are methods developed to embrace your shadow self and reconnect with your higher self.  Discover your Shamanic Inner Psychic Space    >> Read more


Illuminate your Multidimensional Self

Open a doorway to higher realms of consciousness by accessing the multidimensional self. Strengthen your source / spirit connection with light language, sound and vibration - a gateway to other worlds.  Sound is the language of the cosmos - the right frequency breaks up stagnant energy and low-vibrational thought forms for heightened healing 
>> Read more


You are the Weather:  Control It

When you understand the consciousness of nature, anyone can control the weather, and as with any new skill its all about the right approach, intention and focus. Its easy once you know how. Come and learn a simple method and start by impressing yourself first, and learn how to connect with nature on a greater scale.  >> Read more


Galactic Encounters

This is the time for awakening of your consciousness, to broaden your horizons of the true potential powers from within and from above for healing, advancing towards higher knowledge, self-mastery, and being in alignment with the Aquarian golden age. It is a time of shifts and changes to help with the evolution of humanity  >> Read more


Entropic Brain - Unlimited Mind

The brain conceptualises altered states of consciousness in unusual and varied ways.  Many researchers have investigated the boundaries between delusion, transcendence and what we might call 'veridical' psi occurrences.  Despite this, we have yet to come up with a unified main-brain theory to explains altered states and transcendence experiences
>> Read more


Topic Title Coming Soon

How do we amplify the much needed spiritual and systemic changes that characterise our emerging global culture?  The world we live in is not one of health, happiness and harmony. Instead, we have sickness, sadness,  stress and scarcity. It looks like we’re going to have to step up our vibration of consciousness and sort this mess out, starting with ourselves. >> Read more


Mind Layers and Consciousness

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Awakening of the Cosmic Human 

We are all ONE. Collectively we have within us the ability to co-create a New Earth. An Earth where we can work together in peace and harmony, in divine love, joy and abundance and where we truly look after one another. I invite you to step into your Hearts and join us as we co-create and dream a whole new world into being >> Read more


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