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Ascension and Contact Pioneer 

Ascension New Earth & ET Transmission for a Radical Upgrade

Authentic technologies of consciousness are ‘off the scale’ revolutionary! This translates as inspiring a generation who care about self-mastery, healing and loving world and humanity. This is a critical time where pioneers of change in every dimension of life need to step up to manifest urgent miracle solutions. We must change our ideas about our past, who we can be and what our future can be if we change our minds and hearts. It’s time to wake up and drop believing and playing out toxic stories. It’s time to urgently wake up to choose to create a better future.

Tracey Ash is a Star-Gate Keeper, Revolutionary Evolutionary. She travels the world speaking on consciousness and reality hacking, ascension and time working with ancient stories encrypted at Earth-power sites. She believes timeless, ancient wisdom speaks of a divine humanity that we are no longer connected with. This is essential knowledge in our journey back to love and peace on our planet. We have the capacity to live as loving gods!

She is an Earth-grid worker weaving power sites and star-gates activation into an international ascension training and conference circuit. She will show you how to achieve ascension, what it is and what are the signposts of definitively hacking reality.  Tracey is a Sufi initiate, ascension and New Earth pioneer, ancient advisor to Akhenaton and Tutankhamun.

Tracey is passionate about the miracles of quantum & ancient, zero-point and miracle human potential. This magnificent high frequency changes our lives and works! This is the quantum upgrade revolution! Light goes viral in this new frontier.

As in no other time, these direct transformation technologies operate at incredible speeds of awakening and healing. She is constantly seeking how meditation, transformation and awareness technologies can be improved, can indeed revolutionise our world.

Tracey is the Principal of seven schools in UK and Japan. Since 1999 she has completed more than 16,000 individual sessions.




What's Love Gotta Do With It?  

Throughout the ages reptilians have been described by many names, such as the Draco and the Lizard People. These beings have been influencing human society throughout history in a covert and malicious manner.  James brings in incredible spiritual insight to this problem and gives us a glimpse of a silver lining on a very dark and ominous cloud.  How will a 'vibration of love', or raising our consciousness take us beyond this control? 


The Work of Dr Karla Turner

"Aliens can take us - our consciousness - out of our physical bodies, disable our control of our bodies, install one of their own entities, and use our bodies as vehicles for their own activities before returning our consciousness to our bodies."  - Dr Karla Turner

James Bartley was a friend and associate of Dr Karla Turner.  Dr Turner died of 'cancer'  in 1996, after being threatened for her work. She was just 48. Since then, several other people involved in UFO investigation have also experienced threats followed by highly unusual cancers.   Karla Turner was a dedicated and compassionate woman who helped many abductees come to terms with their abusive alien experiences, and was not afraid to tell the truth, no matter how bizarre it might have sounded. Karla has appeared on the Montel Williams show and other programs to discuss her research.  In this presentation, James will share his own insights about the work of Dr Karla Turner.

James is an Abductee who has been exposed to high levels of Spiritual Warfare. He has studied in England and Germany. He is a student of Military History with an emphasis on Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Special Operations. James has worked in the Semiconductor Industry, the Telecommunications Industry and as an Ombudsmen. James also worked for the Civil Service at a major military command in an Intelligence related capacity.  James was also a longstanding protégé and confidant of the late Great Barbara Bartholic and friend of the late great Dr Karla Turner.

James has been a radio podcaster for years, and has interviewed hundreds of guests on his shows.  His show 'The Cosmic Switchboard' boasts an impressive archive of game-changers, whistle blowers, abductees and icons in the industry.

James has lectured at a number of locations in Australia, the UK, America including the legendary “UFO Friendship Campouts” at the “Lil A’Le Inn” in Rachel Nevada, adjacent to the infamous Groom Lake “Dreamland” complex. He gave a Memorial Speech on behalf of his friend Dr Karla Turner at a UFO Conference in Philadelphia in 1997. James was also a featured speaker at one of the Roswell Conferences in Roswell New Mexico in early July 2007, commemorating the 60thAnniversary of the famous Roswell Crash Retrievals. His research has been translated into a number of languages including but not limited to Italian, German, Spanish and Croatian.

James lived for many years in an area rife with UFO and deep black military activity related to UFOs: The South-western Desert of America and in particular Southern California. James personally investigated numerous reptilian abduction cases and MILAB cases in the High Desert of Southern California where the deep black aerospace industry is located. He is familiar with a lot of the UFO-Deep Black Military underground and undersea base activity in Southern California, Northern California, Arizona and Nevada. James has seen Alien Replicated Vehicles (ARVs) in both Southern and Northern California and has seen six silent luminous oval shaped craft fly out of the Groom Lake complex area, directly over his head.


Metaphysical Teacher  

Journey to the World of Lost Souls 

How does one become a lost soul and what is the reality they live in? Venture into their timeline and find out what it feels like being trapped between worlds, a soul without a physical body.  How do they manifest as apparitions? Can a lost soul can enmesh with your energies and is it possible for them to possess someone? Can you contact a lost soul? And, and how do they find their way home to the afterlife?

Life Changing NDEs

A near death experience (NDE) is the profound metaphysical experience a person has during a brief period when they are clinically dead and their astral body leaves their physical body. Some people find themselves in the astral planes while others remain in the physical watching what is happenning around them while they are technically dead. Not everyone who has a close call with death has an NDE but those who do have very similar experiences. They share a common thread – they’ve had a life-transforming experience that has freed them from the fear of death, increased their capacity to love and feel compassion and helped them find a new life direction. But more importantly it has given them a firm belief in life after death.


Sue Bishop is one of Australia's top psychic intuitive and metaphysicians.

As Director of the Chiara College of Metaphysics, Sue specialises in teaching psychic, spiritual and personal development courses including Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Energetic Healing, Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Light Worker Training and more. She has an indepth knowledge of the paranormal and the afterlife and has personally experienced lost souls and has helped many to cross over the the spirit world. 

Sue is also the author of the book, ‘Sixth Sense.’ (Allen&Unwin 2011) and ‘Psychic Kids’ (Allen&Unwin 2012). She has also appeared on the ‘Morning Show’ on Channel 7, and Foxtel’s, ‘Everyone’s A Psychic’, as well as radio shows across the country including Mix 106.5  and ABC Radio National.



Sound Healing Practitioner and Teacher

Sound and Serenity  

Anita will be opening the conference with her divine and potent sound bath.  With her brightly coloured crystal bowls and unusual monochord, Anita's morning meditations were a crowd favourite last conference.  She will also be facilitating a two- hour workshop will include some simple vocal toning with gentle movement to open and connect with our sound environment; followed by a lie-down, relax, unwind and enjoy a story-telling of Australian cosmic beginnings, narrated with the accompaniment of mesmeric and transportive sound healing instruments. 

Each minuscule part of us vibrates, creating sound, which then merges with and influences the energetic vibrations of the rest of our world, from the inner Earth to the stars and beyond.

Anita's appreciation of this understanding is carried with her in the meditation classes, diverse sound bath and story-telling events, as well as one-to-one sound therapy sessions. Music flows through her heart and soul constantly, inspiring a potent desire to share it with others - to uplift and facilitate a deeper connection between the personal, human expression and wider cosmic song in which we are all co-creators. We are able to work consciously with a knowledge of sound - a knowledge that is gaining more and more interest in current western science, yet which has an ancient historical past - to harmonise and return to balance any disturbances and mis-alignments in our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy bodies.

For 20+ years, Anita has explored the traditional vocal therapy and sound science of ancient India, integrating what I have learned into meditation and Nad (sound) Yoga classes. She combines this knowledge today with a love of indigenous world music, an ever-deepening connection with the natural world and her Irish Celtic heritage. Our voices are immense healing instruments. The benefits of them, whether singing or simply humming, are enormous: releasing endorphins; lowering blood pressure; reducing stress; clearing out the energetic cobwebs and resonating, invigorating, connecting and re-balancing the whole inner being and wider human biosphere. 

Sound healing instruments included in group and 1-2-1 events include: quartz crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, wind gong, guitar, harmonium and various percussion instruments, including medicine and African drums, chimes and sansula. Crystal bowls and a Pythagorean monochord are tuned to a frequency of 432 Hertz, which is believed to have a soothing, re-balancing effect on the listener, because it encompasses the Schumann resonances - the global electromagnetic resonances of the Earth's EM field spectrum.

Collaboration is often enjoyed with gifted local musicians, including guitarists, didgeridoo and clarinet players helps to bring uniqueness and magic to each sound bath journey.



Chinese Medicine Teacher, Lightworker

Activating the Embodied Sacred Geometries of Esoteric Acupuncture  

An exploration into the New Encoding Patterns of Esoteric Acupuncture  -  a method of activating embodied sacred geometries for higher mind activation, personal and spiritual development. Drawing on the embedded intelligence (coding) within the acupuncture points, and sequential networking of their geometric relationships, new energetic structures emerge to support an evolutionary shift in consciousness.

The New Human: Light Body Activation   


Human consciousness is about to make a quantum shift as we evolve into what some regard as an entirely new species. This evolution involves an enormous leap forward in our sensory awareness and our capacity to understand and interact with the 5th dimension of reality. As we reach critical mass, a 5th dimensional planetary blueprint will emerge, transforming life on Earth as we know it. In this workshop you'll be given an overview of our evolutionary process and the emerging changes to human nature. You'll learn about the enhancement of our subtle energy body with sacred geometric light body patterning, which is overlaid on the existing human energy centres and meridians. Finally, you'll be guided through a direct experience of light body activation using Esoteric Acupuncture (an advanced form of energy work based on Chinese Medicine) and Arcturian light and frequency activation techniques.

Dr Steven Booth (CM) is a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner,  Master Lightworker, Bodyworker (Shiatsu), and serious practitioner of Qigong and Chinese Internal Martial arts (Taijiquan and Baguazhang).   Steven studied transpersonal counselling, along with energy modalities including Pranic Healing, and is a long time meditator in the Raja Yoga and Taoist meditation methods.  With a curious mind, and an interest in human potentials and consciousness exploration, Steven enjoys attempting to make sense of  the mystical, via direct experience.  This led him to immerse himself  in the system of Esoteric Acupuncture with Dr Mikio Sankey (Phd, LAc),  and he now continues this work through his own enquiry.

During sessions, he is primarily interested in his patients’ inner experience during sessions, and their spiritual development, including  
activating and developing the Lightbody  Although he brings transpersonal and esoteric elements to his work, Steven always  endeavours to maintain a balanced, grounded and pragmatic approach.   Aside from working in private practice, Steven runs regular meditation  classes and group activation sessions.



Spiritual Enlightenment Evolutionist

Finding Your Soul's Purpose  

If you are at a point in your life where you feel like you don’t really know who you are, sometimes feeling lost or confused about your life, there is probably a part of you that feels there is more to life but you don’t know what it is.  You might dream of working in the field of your passions, but often doubt yourself.  Have you ever thought about what life really means to you? Do you want to feel free to do and express anything you want?

Imagine having clarity about who you truly are and what the purpose of your life is; finding the real meaning behind why you exist and what makes you so uniquely you. Your beautiful soul has something to offer this world and gaining that clarity is a wonderful thing.

Robyn shares a message "channelled" from Cosmic Intelligence that integrates and prepares participants for the rapid transformation of evolutionary consciousness occurring on earth through the pathway of timeless wisdom, divine love and heart centred practice which is the most direct ,magnificent, miraculous transcendent spiritual path there is.


Robyn Collins is a spiritual teacher, author and creator of 'The Awakening Process'.  Robin believes there comes a time for most seekers on the path of spiritual awakening cannot always answer the questions that get asked.  It can feel like a minefield -  often interpreted by so many different beliefs and theories that many are still left confused and unfulfilled. 

Robyn is the author of “Return to Soul, Loves Embrace and The Awakening Process" producer of “Sacred Soul CD’s”. She is an Australian and international spiritual seminar and retreat facilitator and professional Soul Psychologist. Robyn has been playfully labelled by her community of students and friends as the “Soul Whisperer”.   She is also a professional counselling psychologist and transpersonal counsellor of over 20 years and is inspired by Tibetan and Zen Buddhism, Advaita and Shamanism. Robyn focuses on helping people understand themselves and the programming that interferes with awakening to their true nature (as an awakened Soul) and living the life they were meant to live.

Through her books, recording, weekend intensives and international retreats, Robyn helps people live in the moment and become more aware of the ego and other programming that interferes with awakening to one’s true nature.




Organic Consciousness in an AI World  

Joining us live from the US via Zoom, Caroline will answer the question:  how can human consciousness evolve and co-exist within the surge and expansion of AI? Caroline will offer practical tools that will help you identify the truthful information behind what is emerging in all areas of technology, communication, education, governance etc. This program will provide clarity about what is simulation and what is real, about your own consciousness and the purpose of your current existence on Earth. It will arm you with important information and tools for taking charge of your destiny no matter what the collective may be creating.


Caroline Cory is a teacher, author, a filmmaker and the founder of the OMnium Method of Quantum Consciousness and Energy Healing. Caroline completed her graduate studies in psychology and educational counseling. However, most of her knowledge and deeper awareness came through direct experience.

Caroline's encounter with the worlds of Consciousness, Energy Medicine and Spirituality started at the age of 5 when she began to perceive various forms of subtle energy. This perception allowed her to understand more deeply the multidimensional structure of consciousness and the human body our inherent ability to self-heal.

For the past 20 years, Caroline has been lecturing and teaching the OMnium experiential methodology for self-healing, DNA reprogramming, increasing brain capacity, expanding the human perceptual spectrum and awakening to our full divine essence.


Intuitive Medium & Healer

The Magick of Shambhallah  

The mysterious hidden kingdom of Shmabhallah is a real place and a linage of, immortals, fabled kings and  world changing teachers. Shambhallah is the advanced society that existed before the last great cataclysm and still exists today with its 20,000 year history.  It sent the seeds of science, ethics and magick to the world. Known as Camelot of the East, there is an external and an internal Shambhallah.


How can you find your way to Shambhallah to  facilitate apparently magickal changes in you, your life and the world around you? Shambhallah teaches us how to live a magical life ... the life you want...  as a divine being. Shambhallah is the key to a golden future. How can you ensure that you are part of this golden future. 

Dr She` D'Montford has the uncanny ability to intuitively pinpoint problems and rapidly deliver remarkable solutions with wisdom, compassion and energy beyond her years. Working with Shé changes you for the better. It is cathartic. Shé has the ability to to change an individual's life or to turn a business around. Those who listen to her profit from the experience


She` is a metaphysician, teacher, healer, author, promoter, activist as well as a former 'Queensland Businesswoman of the Year' and 'Australian of the Year' nominee. She is a public notary and marriage celebrant, a member of the Australian Alternative And Natural Therapists Association (AAANTA), a life member of the Australian Psychics Association and runs Shambhallah Awareness Centre. Dr She` D'Montford has a high public profile. She` has an impressive corporate client list, is often on radio and in the newspapers (in Australia and overseas), has featured on several successful TV shows in Australia, played herself in a major Dutch film production and has even been portrayed in a comic book. She has written for numerous alternative magazines and is a featured contributor to several successful alternative publications. She` tours constantly, nationally and internationally, teaching and lecturing and is featured at many alternative festivals and expos.

She` featured on the psychic reality TV show "The One" and more recently on "Made in Hong Kong TV."  She also has an esoteric book publishing company, The Happy Medium Publishing Company, and publishes two magazines, "Magick" and "ESP" The Ethical Society for Psychics - She` founded and has headed the ESP society since 1990.

In addition to her magazines, Shé D’Montford has authored over 20 books plus a tarot deck, numerous DVDs and a tarot reading app. Over 20,000 people have attended Shé’s world wide workshops on ancient methods of psychic development for the modern person, including many names of the new age movement . She is also a legally registered religious Marriage Celebrant and a public notary. As such, Shé offers her services as a celebrant for Weddings, Funerals, Baby Namings, Ordinations, and other life milestones.


Crop Circle Decoder

The Consciousness of Crop Circles

The subject of crop circles remains highly-censored in the mainstream press, which is why so few people know about it. The social peer-pressure which has been applied to most general populations, to ridicule or otherwise deny these important forms of “alien” communication, is just incredible, and almost beyond belief for an otherwise civilised and open society in 2018. Furthermore, new censorship methods are currently being implemented against showing crop circles on Facebook.  

Will an ET spacecraft, piloted by the crop artists, land somewhere on Earth in the near future? There are many hints of an imminent landing.  Perhaps this is why crop circles are now being heavily censored.


Dr Horace Drew, affectionately know as ‘Red Collie’, saw a silver, saucer-shaped UFO close to the ground in broad daylight in 1965. Later in 2002 he became interested in “crop circles” after a large and complex image of “curved DNA” (made from 1296 square pixels, and relating to one of his DNA theorems) appeared mysteriously in crops near Crooked Soley in southern England, while he was attending a scientific meeting on the same subject in Cambridge not far away.  Following that still-unexplained event, he has been studying the phenomenon of “crop circles” just as any good, high-level, professional scientist might do. He has visited England eight times to see new examples first-hand, and to meet and discuss important findings with other researchers there.


Most scientists do not know anything about this subject at all, except disinformation which they might read in the mainstream press. Dr Drew believes they could learn much new technological knowledge if they would just open their eyes and minds, and look carefully to see what has been drawn in our fields.

Dr Drew is a professional, Caltech / Cambridge / CSIRO research scientist. In 1981 he took a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Caltech,where he did several of the first high-resolution x-ray structures of DNA (for example the “Dickerson-Drew dodecamer” CGCGAATTCGCG). He next spent five years 1982-1986 doing post-doctoral research on DNA and chromosomes at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England. Then he moved to Australia in 1987 and has lived here ever since, while working as a Senior Research Scientist in the national science organization CSIRO for 23 years (1987-2010). Besides his x-ray work on DNA, Horace helped to develop several gene-therapy or PCR diagnostic medical techniques, and was part of the CSIRO team which won a Eureka Award in 2017 for medical innovation, by developing a new and more sensitive blood test for colorectal cancer (the “Colvera” test). He has also co-authored a graduate-level textbook from Academic-Elsevier Press (London) titled “Understanding DNA: the molecule and how it works” (three editions 1992, 1997 or 2004). He has co-authored more than 50 papers in major peer-reviewed journals, including Nature, Science, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. During the 1990s, he led a small scientific group which analysed (in private labs at his own expense) possible “alien DNA” samples in collaboration with Australian UFO investigator Bill Chalker. The most possibly “alien” of these samples was a long, clear head-hair from the Peter Khoury contact case in 1992. The mitochondrial DNA from a strange “alien” woman’s hair (which had some skin attached from her scalp) was much too rare for Peter to have found it accidently from any normal hair in Sydney. It showed a rare Celtic genotype.



Podcaster, Truth Seeker

Human Timelines

As many different people on 3D earth are existing at different levels on the scale of spiritual evolution, their frequency will determine their direction and future, whether they are personally involved in that decision or not. Primary planetary timelines are interdimensional; they transverse past, present, and future dimensional bandwidths. The overarching intention of a planetary timeline – such as the return of Christ consciousness – may span millions of years in multiple densities. Even if the planet drops in vibration, the primary timelines remain as a possibility. 


QAnon Today

What, or who, is Q? Why will the Government never fully disclose the truth about ET consciousness?  David Dunger will reveal some truths about the 'Deep State' and the hidden agendas being kept from the public.

David Dunger is a podcaster, and UFO/ET Experiencer who comes from a multi-generational family of experiencers.  Like many contactees, David has experienced anomolous situations, such as the discovery of an implant beneath the skin of his arm - one which doctors refused to remove.  He also woke up to find a circular patch of hair removed behind his ear. Upon examination by a specialist, he was told there had NEVER been follicles at that location.  David's journey to uncover the truth of what had happened to him and his family, has led him on an ongoing search for the truth.  David's podcast radio show, 'Shiny Side Out', has been runing for 8 years now and features on Revolution Radio.  He has tens of thousands of listeners who have heard him interview whistleblowers, researchers and fellow contactees.


Medium, Clairvoyant, Healer  

Sacred Signs:  Messages of Love

Kerrie will give you tools to identify and interpret sacred signs of love and connection from those in the spiritual realms.  Often surprising, humorous or mysterious, these signs always connect with our secret thoughts private connections and sacred memories.

In her talk, Kerrie will discuss soul groups, soul contracts, karmic lessons, reincarnation and spiritual messages.  She will take you beyond our world, past the fear and grief of death, and help you discover your own ability to connect with your departed loved ones, angels and spirit guides to receive messages from the other side.


Kerrie will also be also giving a mediumship session on the Friday night.  If you would like Kerrie to connect you to a loved one who has passed over, come along to the performance on Friday, 18 January for your opportunity to connect with the other side.


Sydney's most respected and well-known medium Kerrie has lived between two worlds since childhood and is able to see and hear spirit people talking. Realising her true calling when she was very young, she now works professionally as a spiritual medium and clairvoyant, working with spirit rescue, hauntings and connecting people to loved ones that have passed over into the spirit world. She also teaches metaphysics and reads tarot cards. She is trained in spiritual hypnotherapy and past-life regression.  As a trance medium, Kerrie runs closed séances where she works with spirit doctors that come into her body.  She is able to do healings in the group on particular persons that may need help.

Closely aligned to her healing work is Kerrie's vibrant creative nature, as she regularly works on stage and in spiritualist churches around the country. Kerrie has also written several books and works on different radio shows as a guest speaker and is a highly sought-after writer. She contributes to numerous publications and magazines, as a freelance writer and has written many well publicised articles on the paranormal over the years.



Activist, Public Speaker, Film Maker, Radio Host

A Collective Awakening  

We all live encapsulated in a control grid that encompasses all our activities, during the course of our whole life. How did this control system come into being? And what steps can be taken in order to emancipate ourselves from its clutches? What would happen if we failed to rise to this challenge?   Max Igan will be illuminating us with, not only a presentation, but a powerful, hard hitting, not-to-be-missed 2 hour special evening event.  

From the energetic and vibratory nature of matter and consciousness, to the contemporary influence of corporate entities and the irrefutable problems that mankind faces in the age of information, Max Igan connects the dots, providing an enlightening perspective of how to move forwards towards a collective awakening.



Max Igan has spent over 25 years researching the topics he covers in the many radio broadcasts and films that he has produced. Covering a broad range of subjects, Max never fails to inspire with his concise and lucid summation of the shared global situation. He is a musician, activist and radio host on The People's Network. He is the founder of TheCrowHouse.com and Director of the film “Trance-formation”.

He currently resides in a remote valley in Southern Queensland, Australia. Max originally restricted himself to his Crowhouse podcasts preferring the relative anonymity of this particular medium. However, the popularity of Max's broadcasts led to numerous invitations to speak at various events across the globe. Fortunately Max agreed and has been sharing his insight and observations with live audiences for the past three years. Max has produced two full-length films, 'The Awakening' (2011) & 'Trance-Formation' (2012), both of which have been widely acclaimed and watched by well over one million viewers worldwide.  The illuminate (Aspects of Consciousness Symposium) speakers list would not have been complete without the unique contribution of Max Igan.


Researcher, Contact Activist

Real Life Close Encounters  

Every six minutes a UFO is seen by someone around the world.  Thousands of these are captured on video. Many are seen by multiple witnesses from different vantage points. And some are not of this planet.  Famous footage, such as The Phoenix Lights are well known, but other case studies are equally as exceptional.  These encounters with ET consciousness leave the witnesses changed forever.  Join Matthew as he shares his research on the most impressive of these captured encounters .  

Matthew has had an interest and a strong knowing regarding the existence of extraterrestrial beings and the vastness of the Cosmos since a teenager. Researching the topic later in life, he found people who were initiating contact and sharing their work, perspectives and experiences. Becoming Matt’s passion, it led him to develop a solid meditation habit and he began practicing the CE-5 protocols.  It wasn’t long before he initiated contact with non-human intelligences interacting with humanity. Matt has connected with benevolent beings that are assisting humanity as we progress through this awakening.

Since 2015 Matt has shared this experience with friends, family, workmates and other colleagues in the field of UFOlogy. During his journey of contact, Matt has had an amazing spiritual awakening. His awareness, perceptions and understanding of self and reality have become a lot clearer. He has felt a sense of urgency and need to share his experiences and insights to assist people during these times. This urgency has been acknowledged and supported by his benevolent star friends! It is important to continue the search and connection to different extraterrestrial beings of the cosmos individually and as a collective, but our awareness must also be directed at ourselves as this is the answer and result of contact:  becoming self-aware!

Matthew runs the Biloela CSETI group.



Quantum Healing Therapist

Soul Flow - Tune in to your Navigation System  

We all have access to deep wisdom, with a unique perspective that adds value to the whole.
When we learn to tune into the vibrant, creative, multidimensional energy that resides at the core of each of us we feel alive and in the flow. This deep, dynamic energy is the essence from which our innate wisdom, power, creativity and most authentic self flows. 

The more we strengthen our soul connection, allowing it to inform our world, the more we will imbue our entire life with the richness of our soul.  A central key to tapping into this inspired inner spring involves releasing who we have been told we ‘should’ be, and learning to trust who we truly are.

Since her awakening in the early 90s Christina has been devoted to assisting people to find, and connect with, their own creative magical current that flows deep within. She currently works as a life coach and inner journey Beyond Quantum Healing hypnosis guide. She is passionate about helping others to live a more balanced, vibrant, and fulfilling life.

Christina has published a memoir about her wild awakening journey entitled, ‘Jump Into the Blue’. She offers a comprehensive e-course called Creative-Wings Reconnect, designed to help people light up their world with passion and creativity. She has also worked as a contributing writer for Wake Up World, and has been published on a variety of spiritually focused websites.

“My journey has been about personal alchemy… exploring the mysteries of my soul and my environment, and learning to bring all aspects, the light and the dark, together with the transcending ingredient… love. The more I uncover and nurture the wounded aspects of my being, the more whole and grounded I feel and the more my outer world reflects the love, wonder and magic I have discovered inside”.


Consciousness Pacesetters

Manifestation and Healing from the Superconscious State  

David and Lana discuss the incredible power of the super-consciousness.  Their presentation will focus on creating a super-consciousness experience through the power of the 'mass-mind' by forming 'Catalyst Groups'.  

Super-Consciousness is state of expanded consciousness that allows a person to utilise higher-dimensional beings and cosmic energy for manifesting and healing in physical reality.  This technique is ideal for those who possess psychic talent, mediumship skills, or channelling abilities.


A Catalyst Group is formed when a number of high vibrational individuals focus their intention on a manifesting a specific outcome.  The combined energy of a power circle allows individual minds to create a super-consciousness field, which the participants can utilise with spectacular results.

David Love is a Rosicrucian, Spiritualist, career private detective, minister, pre-marital counsellor, Board Certified Hypnotist, advanced past-life regression therapist, and Reiki healer.  He writes and speaks extensively on applying ancient mystical philosophy as means for personal growth and development.  He has written over ninety internet articles on metaphysical, philosophical, and spiritual topics, along with dozens of guest media appearances and is also the author of The First Truth: A Book of Metaphysical Theories and Illusion of the Body: Introducing the Body Alive Principle. He has also co-authored a chapter for best-selling series the Adventures in Manifesting Series: Soulful Relationships (with Lynn Rose and Bob Doyle). David has over twenty years of experience working in the America judicial system as an investigator and was a private investigator. He is a committed advocate for missing, abused, and neglected children. He is passionate in promoting civil liberties, animal rights, and environmental protection.

Dr Lana Love is a registered Australian medical doctor and psychotherapist. She has worked in public hospitals and private practice helping people recover from severe mental and emotional issues for more than sixteen years. Dr Lana has strong interest in Buddhism and mysticism. She is also a social activist and animal rights advocate.

David and Lana host Universal Soul Love, a weekly talk radio show. They discuss topics (with celebrity guest appearances) ranging from environmentalism, animal abuse, human rights, gender equality, mental health, alternative medicine, personal development, spiritual growth, and self-sustainable living.




Spiritual Enlightenment Evolutionist

The Soul of Australian Shamanism  

Your soul purpose is invariably connected with the purpose of others. All are connected within the planetary body that is One. Therefore, what you have chosen to do, learn, or be within your embodied expression, affects all others and is affected by all others. This interactive field of relatedness does not necessarily happen at a conscious level, but on an energetic level.  Join Darren for not only this illuminating presentation, but for an indepth look at this subject in his workshop that he will be co-presenting with Robyn Collins.

Darren John Maxwell is widely known as the Modern Urban Psychic Shaman.  He has learnt that your soul purpose is also invariably connected with the soul purposes of others. All are connected within the planetary body that is One. Therefore, what you have chosen to do, or learn, or be within your embodied expression, affects all others and is affected by all others. This interactive field of relatedness does not necessarily happen at a conscious level, but is true, nevertheless, on an energetic level and in terms of the time and place you have chosen to take birth.

Darren is a third-generation Australian psychic with over fifteen years’ experience.  He is the creator of his own tarot pack, and gives indepth and probing tarot and oracle readings, as well as aura field energy work and direct psychic messages. He has studied Philosophical Shamanism, Numerology, Geomancy, Alchemy, Kabbala, Magic, Wiccan, Tarot and Runes and is a master teacher of Modern Urban Shamanism and The Sacred Shaman Oracle. His psychic readings encourage you to reach your full potential while instilling the confidence and insight needed to flow through life with positivity and optimism. Darren is the author of “The Modern Urban Shaman” and “The Sacred Shaman Oracle”.



Consciousness Evolutionist   

Entheogens and the Mysteries

Plants and minerals are essential to human life and have been used throughout history to alter consciousness and support spiritual practices. The word entheogen means to ‘generate divinity within’. This talk explores the history, science and mythology of the sacred use of plants and minerals as entheogens, based on evidence from the earliest cave art through to the present day global psychedelic renaissance. Current laws mean that most entheogenic work happens in secret, so its widespread impact is largely hidden to mainstream society.


The New Human: Light Body Activation   


Human consciousness is about to make a quantum shift as we evolve into what some regard as an entirely new species. This evolution involves an enormous leap forward in our sensory awareness and our capacity to understand and interact with the 5th dimension of reality. As we reach critical mass, a 5th dimensional planetary blueprint will emerge, transforming life on Earth as we know it. In this workshop you'll be given an overview of our evolutionary process and the emerging changes to human nature. You'll learn about the enhancement of our subtle energy body with sacred geometric light body patterning, which is overlaid on the existing human energy centres and meridians. Finally, you'll be guided through a direct experience of light body activation using Esoteric Acupuncture (an advanced form of energy work based on Chinese Medicine) and Arcturian light and frequency activation techniques.



Steve is the founder of AADII, the Agency for Advanced Development of Integrative Intelligence and co-founder of Psychedelic Research in Science & Medicine, both non-profit organisations. He is a long term practitioner of Taoist arts including alchemy, Taijiquan and energy healing and has studied extensively in the Hermetic mystery traditions. He has a diverse background spanning military service, management consulting across the government, corporate and non-profit sectors and piloting military reconnaissance and civilian rescue helicopters.



Transformational healer   

Illuminate your Multidimensional Self

Open a doorway to higher realms of consciousness by accessing the multidimensional self. Strengthen your source / spirit connection with light language, sound and vibration - a gateway to other worlds.  Sound is the language of the cosmos - the right frequency breaks up stagnant energy and low-vibrational thought forms for heightened healing. You will learn ways to bring your soul's consciousness into your personality and daily life as you open the channel between you, your higher self, your Soul, and/or guide/s, as well as developing your clairvoyant sight, psychic and healing abilities.

Michael is a transformational healer, teacher, somatic psychotherapist, astral shaman and Light Language channel for the Galactic Federation of Light.  His role is to bring through energy from many different realms. After a trip to Uluru in 2013 he began to strongly connect with the Pleiadean energy, a galactic race of beings that first visited the Earth 200,000 years ago and helped to seed a new human template within the human DNA. Much of his work is to awaken others to their soul’s origins and divine purpose, supporting their individual evolution and the upliftment of the collective consciousness grounding in the New Earth frequencies.  By working with the Lightbody, astral chakras 8-12 about the crown and energetically linking clients to astrological alignments and portals linking and transporting them the higher realms.


With a background in science, medical microbiology and more than a decade working in transplant immunology, Michael has always had an interest in the cellular functioning of the body even before he started his spiritual journey.  That journey began in 1997, while Michael was attending a personal development workshop, which included a bodywork component. This was the catalyst, which lead him into his 4-year diploma in Somatic Psychotherapy.  These studies and knowledge supported him to ground into his body, work through past trauma held and truly recognise the importance of the body/mind connection.  During the Somatic training he also studied with Tibetan Buddhist teachers in Australia and Nepal, which opened him up to spiritual practice and tantric embodiment.

Whilst working on clients with hands-on bodywork, he started to want to make unusual sounds, unsure of what these were and why it was happening, he continued his practice.

In 2012 Michael made a discovery that would change his life and his work, when he realised there were others working with this form of sound. That sound was a channelled form of frequency from the stars and it’s purpose became clear as he worked and practiced on peers and during group events.

Today, his current work is a natural expansion of the Somatic training; connecting the body and mind with the Soul as well as the multidimensional aspect of self in a grounded and authentic manner. Integrating all 3 into 1 in these times of accelerated energies, demonstrating it no longer requires years of therapy to heal the past.


Meditation Teacher

Beyond mind(fulness) to blissful mindlessness

What are the layers of the mind, how do they function and how do we develop them? 

Narada will discuss each of the layers, how we experience them, how we can develop them and how they relate to our chakras.  In particular, Narada will illustrate the layer of mind that develops creativity, intuition and ESP, and how we can develop these things.  Additionally, he will discuss the role consciousness plays with our mind and some of the misconceptions.


The discussion will be based on ancient yoga philosophy and personal experiences.  Each layer of the mind is interconnected and also has a relationship with the body and cakras (chakras). Each layer has amazing potential when tapped and Narada will show you how to do that. He will also give you a glimpse of what it is like beyond the mind into superconscious states. We hear a lot about enlightenment but what is it really and how does one achieve it practically?

Acharya Narada Muni is a 63yo meditation teacher trained in India by Ananda Marga Yoga society. He has been meditating for over 46 years and teaching for yoga and meditation for over 20 years. Narada lives on a spiritual community in Maleny, Queensland, where he helped start a government funded school there called the Ananda Marga River School. The school includes teaching the children yoga and meditation.

Currently teaching meditation regularly to some professional in Brisbane and has just come from a three week tour of China where he was invited to speak on meditation and its associated philosophies. He often travels Australia and the world speaking and teaching mediation and running seminars and retreats. Narada is married with four children.


ET Contact Ambassador, CosmicShaman, Investigator

Spiritual Sovereignty: Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

Spiritual Sovereignty rectifies and neutralises many taboo topics and allows you to reclaim your authentic self to be a ‘whole-soul’ again.  Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Personal Timeline Wellbeing are methods Kay has developed, as very different versions to popularly known techniques, to embrace your shadow self and reconnect with your higher self.  Kay will take you journeying to discover your Shamanic Inner Psychic Space and meet your Shaman-Teacher.

Also known as 'CosmicShaman' (Shaman-Druid Initiated Name), Kay is a professionally trained, qualified and registered Naturopath, VegaTest Practitioner and Wholistic Healer; Scientific Accredited Researcher of I.T.E.M. & Environmental-Energy Medicine; Alchemist, Cosmic and Celtic Shaman, Druidess, Mentor; 4th Generational Contactee and Milab Experiencer; Professionally Trained Investigator & Researcher. Conference Speaker and Workshop Facilitator; Published Columnist / Editor and Blogger; Featured in Media Interviews and Documentaries.

She is the founder and proprietor of Consciousness Development & Research Group (Australia)©; CSETI Australia©; Sacred Earth Practices© and CosmicShaman Blog©.


Since the late 1990s, Kay has worked with CSETI (USA) Dr Steven M Greer for many years and is a Coordinator for CSETI Australia CE-5 Working Group© and an Ambassador to the Universe (CSETI Advanced Research).  


Kay facilitates workshops on Consciousness, Cosmic, Metaphysical and Sacredness. 

Kay will also be presenting a workshop and hosting a skywatch.

Please note if you plan to attend the skywatch, Kay's workshop is a pre-requisite.



Psychologist, Hynotherapist  

You Are the Weather:  Control It!

When you understand the consciousness of nature, anyone can control the weather, and as with any new skill its all about the right approach, intention and focus. Its easy once you know how. Come and learn a simple method and start by impressing yourself first, and learn how to connect with nature on a greater scale.


Throughout her years working with people as a psychologist and hypnotherapist, Tatiana has uncovered the ability to understand and manage one’s own thinking, emotions and behaviours, as well as understand the ways in which the emotions and behaviours of others, in ways that promote good communicating and performance in the work place.  In the way we, as energetic beings, can harmonise our emotions, by connecting to the body's intelligence,combines her intuitive abilities and hypnosis to take this one step further and connect to the consciousness of nature - including the weather.

Tatiana's studies of religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Theosophy, Catholic studies and Yoga, have given her insights and understanding into the human soul that gave her an ability to awaken people from a coma. Working from the knowledge that "there is no religion higher than truth", Tatiana works with the souls connection to the universe and teaches from this platform of inner strength and inner peace that we all have within us to awaken at will. 

During her career, Tatiana developed a Life Balance and Relaxation program with techniques to incorporate mind – body rejuvenation. Which I have written about in my book “The Orgasmic Effect”  that addresses how to use our energy on all the levels and how to effectively release blockages from our past and childhood conditioning.   She has worked with small businesses, corporate engineering companies, groups, individuals, in seminars, with children and quadriplegics.

Tatiana says that understanding your lessons, gives you insight into the circumstances of your life and gives you ability to recognise that you can, take charge and take the necessary steps to change your life. From having things happen to you, to taking control, and MAKING LIFE HAPPEN.


Energy Catalysts, Trance Channel, Energy Healers

The Lyran Disclosure 

Bringing you newly revealed information about The Lyrans - the first cosmic humanoid race from Source.  Hollywood, media and some new ageists have portrayed Lyrans as a type of ‘Cat hybrid’.

Come and hear for yourself what has been brought to us by Raag-El-a-Noir (and A-Leec the Lyran Emissary) as they cover the mystery that is Lyra.  Learn of the origins of Lyra, her demise at the involvement of the ‘Formless Voice’.


Heather and Louise will share how the Lyrans are back in this ‘time line’ from their reconstructed home, to find the remnant of the Royal blood line to rebuild the Lyran connection and to heal at the deepest of levels.  What has this got to do with awakened humans or any humans for this matter?  What are the Gaian Heart Stone and the Heart Stone of Lyra? What is their connection if any?

Many of the mysteries and questions you seek may well be intricately linked to this amazing story of the Lyran Race.


Return of Sovereignty

Trance Channel Communicator, Louise, will bring through Grand Master Cifehtr (se-fee-tar, Adamus St Germaine energy) who will take this workshop with the assistance of Heather and Louise.


You will uncover topics such as:


Past life ‘aspects’

What is stopping you from being your fullest self? Cifehtr will show you what, how and why to deal with them.


Understanding your empowerment and the TRUE meaning of I AM.

How to find YOUR link in the cosmic lineage

We are all aware that we have star-seed connections or other planetary lineage in our humanity.  How is this useful to us in this time?  How can we identify the strengths of this and bring the healing of lifetimes/time-lines that is required today?  Cifehtr takes you through the understanding of this genealogy line to bring greater understanding of who you are now.

Creative manifestation using the Universal Energy

How to use alignment in conjunction with the Law of Attraction

Louise, as an International Communicator (Channeller), steps aside going into a trance state to access the highest calibre of energy message from the Galactic beings, Ascended Masters and others.  A surprise visit from The Oracle, the grand seer of seers, is always on the cards!  She met her ‘non physical friends’ as a child. They would take her on many journeys through out the stars and into other time lines. She was told she had an over active imagination! Today these are ‘friends’ communicate via Louise to bring forward cutting edge information for the benefit of humanity.


From an early age, Heather had interaction with the non-benevolent ET’s who were ‘intrigued’ with her energy and created disruption by taking her at night time. This only challenged her to grow into the strong warrior of light she is, learning how to fend off and expose reptilians and other manipulators both on earth and in other realms. She has embraced her spiritual knowledge as an energy reader, healing facilitator, and communicator of higher self as well as being an insightful and entertaining public speaker.


Louise and Heather have many strings to their bow and combine their gifts knowledge and passion to assist all who are seeking truth, healing and greater understanding at this grand juncture in ‘time’.




Self-Hypnosis and the Soul 

Behind the magic of synchronicity and symbolism flows the blueprint of the soul. It leads, it follows. It intervenes, it allows. Just as our conscious will does. However, the great expanse of our subconscious mind is generally not recognised, utilised and celebrated for its vast manifestation potential, which is self-defeating given it is the mediator of both our destiny, and our free choice.

Phillip J Watt will take you on a journey through the layers of the self and how we can harness the immense power of our mind for aligning with our purpose and co-creating our future. His wealth of experience derived from years of therapeutic and developmental services, along with decades of self-administered hypnosis and meditation, will be the backdrop to a theoretically and practically rich presentation on connectivity, authenticity, sovereignty and self-mastery.


Phillip lives on the Mid North Coast of Australia. He is an author, presenter, podcaster and (soon to be certified) Clinical Hypnotherapist. His first book, ‘The Simulation’, is a non-fiction fiction which offers a daring exposé of the human experience in the 21st Century. He has also written extensively on spirituality, self-help and societal growth which has been shared across dozens of international ‘mindfulness’ platforms, ultimately reaching into the millions of people with information regarding the nature of reality, including what it means to be truly free and how to take exceptional care of our health.


Phillip has a degree in Social Sciences and Philosophy and has been trained extensively in health services. His background is in policy and program development, as well as assisting adults, children and families as a mentor, relationship mediator and health and life guide. A few of his passions include connecting with nature, service, laughing, meditation, experiencing anything fun and living playfully and wisely.



Chaos Magician, Podcaster  

What if We're the Aliens? Retrocausality, Psi, Viruses and Non-human Entities 

The esoteric and New Age community makes some bold claims about off-planet contact. But are they really so unusual? The latest psi, virological, mycological and even marine biological evidence suggests that our planet is far from closed ecosystem. 

In fact, it likely owes its very formation and the simple fact that it contains life to its state of continuous interaction with off-planet material, forces and life forms. Some level of awareness of this reality appears to have been expressed across all ancient cultures and many contemporary traditional ones.

In the face of mounting evidence, whose claims are the most unusual? Those of an off-planet nature or those that deny any possibility of off-planet interactions?

Gordon White is chaos magician, author, speaker and host of the podcast, Rune Soup. He has held senior data and analytics positions in global media companies around the world and is now based on a small permaculture farm in Southern Tasmania. Over the course of this journey, Gordon has had the privilege of speaking to some of the world’s leading authorities in Assyriology, religious studies, genetic research, hermeticism, psi research, the history of western magic and ufology.

The overriding mission of his work is an attempt to cohere an evidence-based western magical worldview that combines history, paranormal research, the best available scientific research and ufology.

His first three books are The Chaos Protocols, Star.Ships: A Prehistory of the Spirits and Pieces of Eight.