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While we are working on designing a new programme for our 2020 conference, enjoy seeing what you missed out on in Jan 2019!


We showcase an illuminating lineup from around Australia and the world to share their knowledge and expertise. They are the luminaries walking their talk, the scientists and researchers constantly seeking; the teachers and healers transforming humanity ...

WHAT is it all about ?

IlluminateAspects of Consciousness Symposium is Australia’s only premier networking event that explores the topic of consciousness. In these rapidly changing times, our souls are urging us to TRANSCEND this reality, opt out of the matrix; take QUANTUM leaps in healing, transformation and expansion to understand our true multidimensional natures; and explore .....‚Äč

VENUE and accommodation

Discover the best of Coffs Harbour accommodation at BreakFree Aanuka Beach Resort - a relaxed, tropical style beachfront resort which is ideal for families and couples looking for their next seaside adventure. This peaceful haven sits right on Diggers Beach, and has a retreat style energy that is perfect for our presentations, meditations and workshops...


PROGRAMME at a glance 

View our exciting, content-rich programme - jam packed with illuminating topics to inspire, awaken and remind you of all that you are and can be.  With 27 presentations, this is a treasure trove of fascinating knowledge and experience being shared with you... 

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WORKSHOPS that transform 

Participate in experiential workshops that will give you different tools to heal, grow and transform.  Dive deeper to transcend the areas of life that keep you stuck, discover your soul purpose, journey to answers from higher places, heal yourself with help from star beings, learn how ETs encode their messages...

WHY attend?

People just like you have experiences that change their lives, transform their worlds and expand their hearts and minds.  This is what inspires us to keep on creating events that come from our heart, soul and passion...

SPECIAL evening events 

Every evening we have a standalone special event, open not only to our attendees, but to the public.  Check our programme for more information.  Thursday night is our ILLUMINATE evening; Friday night is Kerrie Erwin's Evening with Spirit Mediumship and Saturday night is our CE5 Skywatch.


Don't miss out!  Get your spot at illuminate with an easy and quick online ticket registration.  Tickets are strictly limited, so be sure to book your seat.
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